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Canada. Elizabeth II. Date of our choice. 50 Dollars. Platinum Maple Leaf. 0.9995 Platinum 0.9931 Oz., APW 31.10 g., KM#195. UNC.

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Product Details
Denomination: 50 Dollars. Platinum. APW.
Date of minting: ----
Country of issue: Canada
Mint: RCM
Material/fineness: Platinum 999.5
Weight, gram: 31.10
Weight of net metal, gram: 31.10
Diameter, mm: 30.00
Thickness, mm: 2.62 [||||||||||||||||||]
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: BU
Condition: UNC
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Number in catalog: RCM: CA.
Krause: KM#195
Red Book:
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