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Russia. 2021. 25 Rubles. Series: Russian (Soviet) animation. Masha and the Bear. Copper-nickel alloy. 10.0 g. UNC Mintage: 850,000

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Denomination: 25 Rubles
Date of minting: 19.10.2021
Country of issue: Russian Federation
Mint: Russian Federation, Moscow Mint
Mintage: 850,000
Material/fineness: Cupro-nickel 1000/1000
Weight, gram: 10.00 (±0.30)
Weight of net metal, gram: 10.00 (±0.30)
Diameter, mm: 27.00 (±0.20)
Thickness, mm: 2.30 (±0.25) [|||||||||||||] 180 corrugations
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: Circulation
Condition: UNC
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Number in catalog: CBR: 5015-0061
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‘Masha and the Bear’ is the first Russian animated series that speaks the same language with children and adults all over the world, while telling about the friendship of the little girl Masha and the Bear, a former circus performer. The interaction between the characters of the series reflects the relations between a child who gets to know the world and an adult trying to help the child in this difficult endeavour.

Masha is an incredibly active little girl who never sits still and firmly believes that the world around belongs to her alone. The personality of Masha is virtually boundless, so an arts and crafts lesson may easily transform into the building of a sailing boat, and an artist’s tool kit helps her paint the whole forest. Despite the absence of explicit teaching elements, each episode becomes a smart and musical story about kindness, curiosity and spontaneity.

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