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Russia. 2022. 3 Rubles. Series: Historical Events. The 450th Anniversary of the Battle of Molodi. Silver 925. 1.0 Oz ASW 33.94 g. PROOF Mintage: 3,000

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Denomination: 3 Rubles
Date of minting: 15.06.2022
Country of issue: Russian Federation
Mint: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg Mint
Mintage: 3,000
Material/fineness: Silver 925/1000
Weight, gram: 33.94 (± 0.31)
Weight of net metal, gram: 31.10
Diameter, mm: 39.00 (± 0.30)
Thickness, mm: 3.30 (± 0.35) [|||||||||||||] 300 corrugations
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: PROOF
Condition: PF
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Number in catalog: CBR: 5111 - 0464
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The Battle of Molodi (29 July–2 August 1572) was a great victory of the Russian army that defeated the horde of Khan Devlet I Giray of Crimea which, in addition to the Crimean army, also included Turkish and Nogai troops. Although the 40,000-strong Crimean army outnumbered Russians by more than two to one, it was forced to flight and was almost completely killed. The Battle of Molodi was no less significant than the Battle of Kulikovo and other key battles in the Russian history. The victory in this battle allowed Russia to retain its independence and became a turning point in the confrontation between the Tsardom of Muscovy and the Crimean Khanate which renounced its claims to the Kazan and Astrakhan Khanates and lost most of its power from then on.

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