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USSR. 1923. 15 kopecks. 500 Silver 0.0431 Oz, ASW., 2.70 g. Y#81. Fedorin: 4. XF. Note: Obv. stamp: 1.2/Rev. F-5. Mintage: Inc. Above 28,503,000

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Denomination: 15 Kopeks
Date of minting: 1923
Country of issue: USSR
Mint: USSR, Mint of Petrograd (PMD)
Mintage: Inc. Above 28,503,000
Material/fineness: Silver 500/1000
Weight, gram: 2.70
Weight of net metal, gram: 1.35
Diameter, mm: 19.56
Thickness, mm:
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: Circulation
Condition: XF
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Rarity: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin #
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Number in catalog: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin # 4
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Krause: Y#81
Features, note: Obverse description:
Stamp 1.2. The left lower spike has 5 spikes.

The center of the disk is occupied by a heraldic shield. His main images are: a crossed hammer with a sickle on the "comb" of many rays of the rising sun. The side surfaces of the shield are decorated with attached bundles of ears, additionally connected below, exactly under the center of the coat of arms of the РСФСР.

Reverse Description:
Stamp F-5.

The inner space of the central circle of points is occupied by three inscriptions spaced in three lines under each other: "15" - denomination, "КОПЕЕК" - indication of the monetary unit and the year of issue. Close to the shoulder is the second point circle.

Between two circles above the digital face value, a five-sided star is cut against the background of rays, on the left is a laurel branch, on the right is an oak one. In the lower central point near the cant, the branches are fastened with a bow.
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