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USSR. 1925. 20 kopecks. Type: 1924. 500 Silver 0.0574 Oz, ASW., 3.60 g. Fedorin: 10. Y#88. XF. Note: Obv. stamp 1/ F-9

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Denomination: 20 Kopeks
Date of minting: 1925
Country of issue: USSR
Mint: USSR, Mint of Petrograd (PMD)
Mintage: Inc. Above 135,188,000
Material/fineness: Silver 500/1000
Weight, gram: 3.60
Weight of net metal, gram: 1.80
Diameter, mm: 21.80
Thickness, mm:
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: Circulation
Condition: XF
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Rarity: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin #
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Number in catalog: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin # 10
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Krause: Y#88
Features, note: Obverse description:

Stamp 1.
For the most part, the obverse "took possession" of the coat of arms of the Soviet country. In the image of the planet crossed sickle and hammer. From below, the composition is illuminated by rays of the rising sun. The coat of arms on the left and right are framed by sheaves of wheat with an equal number of ears in each. Each hoop is wrapped with three turns of tape. The seventh bandage is a binder, goes from below, binding bundles of wheat.
From above, in the field of greatest approach of sheaves there is a five-pointed star. Under the coat of arms in rounded-elongated letters is the abbreviation of the state - "С. С. С. Р." A point is placed after each letter. The coat of arms is surrounded by a semicircular rim that does not enter the name of the state. Between the semicircle and the cant of the coin, from left to right, the slogan is placed: "ПРОЛЕТАРИИ ВСЕХ СТРАН, СОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ!"

Reverse Description:
Stamp F-9.
The upper part of the disk, with a certain distance from the cant, occupies the digital face value of the coin - the number 20. Its height slightly does not reach half the diameter. Below is the inscription "КОПЕЕК," centered on the number. Under the inscription is the year of minting. Even lower is a decorative point under the center of the specified date. On the left and right, along the cant, inscriptions are framed one spikelet of wheat, intersecting below exactly under the decorative point and forming a circular rim.
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