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USSR. 1928. 15 kopecks. 500 Silver 0.0431 Oz, ASW., 2.70 g. Y#87. Fedorin: 40. XF. Note: Obv. stamp: 2 /Rev. stamp: А. Mintage: Inc. Above 43,062,364

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Country of issue: USSR
Mint: USSR, Mint of Petrograd (PMD)
Mintage: Inc. Above 43,062,364
Material/fineness: Silver 500/1000
Weight, gram: 2.70
Weight of net metal, gram: 1.35
Diameter, mm: 19.56
Thickness, mm:
Coin alignment: Medal (0°)
Quality of minting: Circulation
Condition: XF
Coin design (designer, master carver, mint master):
Rarity: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin #
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Number in catalog: Uzdenikov #,
Bitkin #,
Kazakov #,
Ilyin #,
Petrov #,
Fedorin # 40
Ya. Adrianov #
Conros #
Krause: Y#87
Features, note: Obverse description:
Stamp 2.
The surface of the globe is flat, the axes of the right spike are open. The top ray of the star is closer to the letter "T" in the slogan "ПРОЛЕТАРИИ ВСЕХ СТРАН, СОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ! (Proletarians of all countries, unite!)" The shape of the log above "Y" is slightly curved.

The center of the coin field is occupied by the coat of arms of the USSR in the version approved in 1923. The band enclosing the ears has seven turns. On six of them, the standard coat of arms has the inscription "Proletarians of all countries, unite!," Made in the languages of the peoples of the republics that formed the Soviet Union in December 1922. The seventh band of the coat of arms serves as a binding role. On the coin coat of arms, the inscriptions on the wreaths are replaced by one large ring inscription "PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES, JOIN!," In the break of which the issuer of the money sign "С.С.С.Р." is indicated at the bottom of the coin field. The inscription and coat of arms are separated by a line interrupting in the place of the issuer's designation.

Reverse Description:
Stamp F-22. piece. A. The horizontal passes well below the level of the lower cut-off - stamp "A."
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